Thank you so much for considering volunteering at the 2019 Bluegrass Classic! With
more than 160 3-hour shifts to fill over a 5-day stretch, it takes a LOT of us to “get it done.” So, thank you for being willing to help where you can!!

The following is a brief description of each position. We’ll be giving you more detailed
instructions about your job once the schedule is determined. The Volunteer Schedule isn’t created until the Running Orders have been established so your volunteer time won’t be scheduled anywhere near when you’re running your dog.

1. Scribe/Clerk: Sits with the Judge to tally the score of each run. ALSO, keeps the time
(stopwatch) of each run. Handlers who will be competing in Open, cannot Scribe on the Open Field until they have completed both of their runs.

2. Course Director: Works closely with the Judge to keep the Novice Field running smoothly and on-time. Must have a good working knowledge of all aspects of the competition.

3. Exhaust Sheep: This position requires an experienced handler and a well-trained dog to move the sheep to the exhaust at the end of each run on the Novice Field. The goal is to keep things moving smoothly and on time.

4. Recorder: Officially reviews and records the score from each run.

5. Poster: Posts the score for everyone to see.

6. Handler’s Tent Hospitality: Set up and keep up with coffee, tea and doughnuts for the handlers. 6-10 am. The afternoon prior to the shift, coordinate with the runner that water is ready for coffee & hot water and generator is full. The night watchman will start the generator in the mornings.

7. Handler Bag Distribution: We need a few extra hands to pass out the Handler Bags between 5pm – 7pm on Tuesday evening.

8. Silent Auction Tables: Set up at 10am and pack up items at 4pm, Thursday thru Sunday. We would like 2 people to lay out the items at the beginning of the day and remove the same in the afternoon. The Silent Auction Chair will organize forms and times for auctions to end.

9. Announcer for Spectators, Saturday and Sunday: Generally, we get a nice audience on the weekend and we like to provide some miked “color” for them explaining the elements of the competition and what things the judge is looking for, plus something about the work and heart of herding dogs. We’re looking for “The Voice!”

10. Novice Field Break Down: A couple extra pairs of hands to help disassemble things on the Novice Field once the action has finished over there. (Sunday only.)

Again, many, many thanks for your help!!