1. How long do the dogs compete each day?  The competition runs from Dawn to Dusk beginning on Wednesday, May 15th through Saturday, May 18th. The top 20 dogs from the preliminaries advance to the double lift finals on Sunday May 19th which begins at 8:00 a.m.
  1. May I bring my dog to the Bluegrass Classic? Of course! We welcome all dog enthusiasts! Please keep all spectator dogs on leash. This is a highly competitive event, with handlers travelling from all over the world to compete – an escaped dog or disruption could ruin a run. Please keep barking dogs at home as barking can disrupt the concentration of dog and handler, in addition can scare or startle the sheep.
  1. I’ve never been to a sheep dog trial before. How do I know what’s going on? The Bluegrass Classic has several ways for you to learn about the sheep dog trials. The course, commands and times are spelled out in the Trial Program available free of charge. Volunteer announcers are handlers and provide informative, fun commentary during runs on Saturday & Sunday.
  1. What should I bring?A Spectator tent will be available as well as uncovered bleacher seating. Bring a lawn chairs, picnic blankets, sunscreen, hat & binoculars and enjoy the outdoors! Umbrellas are welcomed as long as they don’t interfere with other spectator’s view. Kentucky weather in May can change quickly, so be prepared!
  1. What should I know about the competing dogs?These are working dogs and though many of them are friendly, it in inadvisable to pet them – particularly if they are tied to their vehicle and the handler is not present. Always ask a handler permission to pet a dog. Additionally, handlers and dogs take time to “prepare” for their run and an uninvited intrusion of a stranger petting the competing dog is disruptive. You’ll find the handlers very friendly and receptive to questions.
  1. What is the Handler Quiet area? There is a small enclosed area near the entry to the trial field where handlers and their dogs prepare for their runs. Please avoid disruptions near this area, and wait until the run is over before approaching a handler and dog.
  1. May I approach the sheep that are in the pens? People and dogs tend to scare or startle sheep. Please stay at least 25-30 ft away from any holding areas. The sheep will start moving away if a visitor is too close. The Bluegrass Classic staffs a Sheep Advisor. Inquiries can be made at the small white building next to the Open Field. Questions or concerns will be directed to the Sheep Advisor.
  1. Are there restroom and washing facilities on site? Portajohns and hand sanitizing stations will be scattered around the grounds.
  1. Is there anything else to do at the trial? Yes! We have craft & fiber vendors, food & drink vending and a silent auction. The Kentucky Fiber Festival is located at the nearby Fairgrounds.