2019 Sponsorship Form BG
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The Bluegrass Classic, dating from 1960, is one of the largest, longest running and most prestigious sheepdog trial in the country. Hosted by the Kentucky Border Collie Association, this trial boasts over 660 handler-dog teams which compete over five days. This year marks 58 years of Border Collie field trials held in the Bluegrass area. The competition draws thousands of spectators to watch top handlers from across the United States and Canada compete for the win. The judges are carefully selected and for this year’s event, accomplished handlers.

For this event, more than 500 open range yearling sheep are being brought in from Billings, Montana. These sheep have never been handled in small groups or worked by dogs. We feel this offers the best opportunity for the dogs competing in this event to show their innate ability to handle stock.

The trial will be held in Masterson Station Park, Lexington, Kentucky, running from dawn until dusk. The picturesque setting is second to none. Two fields of sheepdog trial competition running consecutively surrounded by gorgeous walking trails, horseback riding, soccer fields and more. Thousands of spectators come and bring their own dogs, lawn chairs, picnic blankets and enjoy the outdoors. Volunteers are available to answer questions about the competition and Bluegrass Classic programs are distributed free of charge. In addition to advertising, the program offers a description of what the dogs are expected to do so spectators can better understand the working sheepdog.

Sponsors have additional exposure through Masterson Station Park traffic. A Park thoroughfare winds between the two competition fields. The main competition field is adjacent to eight soccer fields and an equestrian dressage area. The second field is adjacent to Lexington’s largest off-leash dog park and equestrian cross country trials. The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival also runs concurrently with the Bluegrass Classic in an area adjacent to one of the trial fields. The Bluegrass Classic draws strong, steady, spectator volume through the week reaching the peak during Saturday and Sunday. The history and prestige of this trial along with its high level of public visibility makes the Bluegrass Classic one of the prime sheepdog trials in North America and a must see event.